Generation Cyclone Energy

is your partner in sustainable and chemical free metal mining.

From ore to final product, our ultra-efficient modular equipment offers simultaneous metal extraction without the need for any chemical leaching or micro-grinding.


GCE is a leader in ecological mining equipment manufacturing. We present technological packages that provide combined and comprehensive ore grinding and metal separation simultaneously in a single system using Thermoacoustic  method. We are focused on improving water and energy efficiency, as well as reducing environmental impacts with our new process.

Grinding Inefficiency

Energy consumption is a major operating cost in mineral processing. About two-thirds of energy processing expenses are attributed to ore grinding and particle size reduction. Approximately 99% of energy used for grinding is dissipated as heat, noise, and vibration.

Through macro and micro-crack formations inside the ore particles, our thermoacoustic  method enables mineral extracting without the need for fine-grinding. We help producers of precious metals get to ~1/3 electricity and 1/2 water usage.

Presence Of Harsh Chemicals

Heap leaching and chemical processing are two of the common techniques for metal extracting from ore. During chemical processing, solutions such as alkaline cyanide are used to dissolve gold, Niobium, Silver, Rhodium, and Palladium. Gold extracting represents over 75% of highly toxic cyanide consumption globally. Post processing of such chemicals, even though less toxic, often can be washed out to river and soil systems and may persist for many years.

Through thermoacoustic ore cracking and metal extraction, we offer a chemical free process, as well as elevated rates of high-quality metal extracting.


Our Mission in GCE is to enable sustainable metal mining. We aim to generate green solutions to accelerate sustainability in the mining industry. Our venture is driven by technological trend and our equipment and packages are used in metal extraction and refining process to produce high grade metal for a greener world.


Compact Design

Single light weight and compact equipment for grinding and metal

  • Weight of one module: 2 tons
  • Measurements:5*5*5

Ultra-Efficient Process

Optimal metal extraction efficiency by time and energy consumption reduction

  • 1/3 Power consumption
  • 1/2 Processing time
  • Quick and effective mineral liberation
  • Elimination of tailing dam

Scalable Process

Customable and easily-integrated packages

  • Synchronized modules into sets and blocks to ramp up the production
  • Ease integration into existing systems

Environmetal-Friendly Process

Green process and reduced carbon foot print

  • Elimination of chemical and heap leaching
  • CO2 capture and production of useable by-products
  • Elimination of chemical waste